Friday, 18 December 2015

The Characteristics of a Vented Screw Barrel

The characteristics of a superior industrial product are that it needs to have sufficient potency, durability, reasonable price, and high substantiation. Our products are manufactured with all the qualities as the foremost and mega priorities. Vented screw barrel has been our top-tier product in the industry. It contains refined properties. These screw barrels have corrosion free surface with nitride layer on it. On top of that, carbide coating is obtainable on screw flight and bimetallic metal. 
Vented Screw Barrel

Vented screw barrel is used in various sectors which include plastic, pipe-making industries and food industries. In the following machinery they have great utilization: PVC pipe manufacturing plant, plastic extrusion line, blow molding machine, food processing machines. Hence, it has become a perennial product.
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