Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Quality Control & Manufacturing Facility of Screw Barrel in BR Engineering

Br Engineering Manufacturing Screw Barrel

We conduct the quality control with the keen vision and expertise. Generally, Nitrite Alloy steel of MUSCO is used in this process. It is verified with the test certificate that provides its correct metallurgical configuration. We also take care of the stocks of other specialized alloys for particular applications, such as the latest bimetallic blanks. This is the trusted process which certifies the quality of raw material for the replacement items either at the first time or at any time. Due to which you can carry your processing consistently and almost effortlessly.
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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

BR Engineering Works - Groove Feed Bush

Features of Groove Feed Bush
There are ample of uses of Groove Feed Bush. They are small yet immerged with extreme strength. As per their requirement we manufacture them. Generally, they come in the range of 40mm to 150mm. Their fascinating designs, accuracy, endurance, longevity, designs attract many customers. There are two different types of materials that come with it. They include bimetallic material and nitride material. The usage varies as per the need of the tools and industries. The keenness in them is the mark of excellence of our products. They resist corrosion and are of ultra-fine quality.

Applications of Groove Feed Bush
They play a prominent role in raffia plant, Mon-filament plant and blown film extrusion plant.

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Screw Barrel Types & Functionality

Where there is plastic making machinery; there is a screw barrel. That much essential is the role of screw barrel in the industries especially in plastic manufacturing. But as the plastic differs in sizes, shapes, materials, quantities, there is more than sufficient availability of screw barrels.

These are the some of the many types of screw barrels:
  •    Single Screw Barrel

-A single screw inside the barrel.

 .      Twin Screw Barrel
-Two screws attached together inside the barrel.

  .      Barrier Screw Barrel
-Manufactured with the use of advanced CNC machine.
-Less maintenance
-Highly productive

  .      Vented Screw Barrel
-Refined chemical and physical properties.
- Special carbide coating on screw flight and bimetallic barrel

  .      Bimetallic Screw Barrel
-Two types of bimetallic coating.
-Coating of 1.5mm.
-Bimetallic layer hardness is of 55HRC and 72HRC.
 .      Twin Parallel Screw Barrel
-Nitro alloy material is used
-Maximum length is upto 4.5 meters.

 .      Extrusion Screw Barrel
-Length of 5 meters.
-Uniformity of the products remains unchanged.


-Extrusion plants
-Injection molding machinery and plants
-Rubber molding machine
-Plastic extruder machine
-Plastic processing machine
-PVC pipe making plant and machinery

-Cable machineries

Friday, 18 December 2015

The Characteristics of a Vented Screw Barrel

The characteristics of a superior industrial product are that it needs to have sufficient potency, durability, reasonable price, and high substantiation. Our products are manufactured with all the qualities as the foremost and mega priorities. Vented screw barrel has been our top-tier product in the industry. It contains refined properties. These screw barrels have corrosion free surface with nitride layer on it. On top of that, carbide coating is obtainable on screw flight and bimetallic metal. 
Vented Screw Barrel

Vented screw barrel is used in various sectors which include plastic, pipe-making industries and food industries. In the following machinery they have great utilization: PVC pipe manufacturing plant, plastic extrusion line, blow molding machine, food processing machines. Hence, it has become a perennial product.
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Monday, 14 December 2015

Comparison Between Single Screw Barrel & Twin Screw Barrel

As the name suggests, the noticeable difference between a single screw barrel and twin screw barrel is that number of screw used to manufacture the entire tool. In single screw barrel is comprises of only one screw while the other contains 2 screws inside a barrel.

Also there comes the variation in the length and width. As the twin screw barrel contains more screws than the first one, it is usually bigger in size. The maximum length of the barrel in the twin barrel is 6000mm as in single screw barrel it is 5000mm.
Twin screw barrel


Single screw barrel is mainly used in plastic processing machineries such as injection moulding, blow moulding, plastic extruding, etc. While twin screw barrel is used in the parts of injection moulding machinery, plastic extrusion plants, PVC pipe making and many more.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Single Screw Barrel - Made To Be Superior - BR Engineering Works

Single screw barrels are extensively used in various plastic industries. Designed to be ultra-strong having the latest features, it is ideal for plastic injection moulding machineries, plastic extruder machines and more. 

With premium MUSCO materials, it has extremely rigid construction. Being abrasion resistant and boasting of the required tensile strength as well as anti-corrosion, it is known for durability. 

Single Screw Barrels

Recognized as the major manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the standard single screw barrel for years in the global market, BR Engineering Works ensures that clients have multiple options to handpick the best product that can perfectly suit their specific industrial needs. 

BR Engineering Works robust barrels are available in an array of different sizes ranging from 14mm—250mm. They have been created to be a highly productive tool. The use of latest technologies has made sure it excels in providing the best output. 

Despite the availability of several models, customized solutions are also provided based particular needs of clients.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Trusted Manufacturer, Supplier Of Screw Barrel – BR Engineering Works

Screw Barrels are indispensable in various plastic machineries, plastic extruder machines and more owing to their immense usability. They are considered to be a major tool in the plastic industry. 

A highly advanced screw barrel can significantly increase productivity. That’s the prime reason why it is so demanded in the market. 

Single Screw Barrel

BR Engineering Works has been the most trusted brand in the field of  manufacturing , supplying & exporting of superior screw barrels of various designs  and models. It is ISO 9001:2008 certified company. 

With over three decades of experience, we have come to be known as clients’ favorite brand. Putting more focus on the quality of the products, we have a very standard mechanism. 

Our fair and customer-centric business ethics have been the trademark of our reputed industry. Having an instinctive leader in Mr. S.H Patel, who believes in the enhancement of technologies through relentless innovation, we are committed to providing the most versatile products.