Thursday, 31 December 2015

Screw Barrel Types & Functionality

Where there is plastic making machinery; there is a screw barrel. That much essential is the role of screw barrel in the industries especially in plastic manufacturing. But as the plastic differs in sizes, shapes, materials, quantities, there is more than sufficient availability of screw barrels.

These are the some of the many types of screw barrels:
  •    Single Screw Barrel

-A single screw inside the barrel.

 .      Twin Screw Barrel
-Two screws attached together inside the barrel.

  .      Barrier Screw Barrel
-Manufactured with the use of advanced CNC machine.
-Less maintenance
-Highly productive

  .      Vented Screw Barrel
-Refined chemical and physical properties.
- Special carbide coating on screw flight and bimetallic barrel

  .      Bimetallic Screw Barrel
-Two types of bimetallic coating.
-Coating of 1.5mm.
-Bimetallic layer hardness is of 55HRC and 72HRC.
 .      Twin Parallel Screw Barrel
-Nitro alloy material is used
-Maximum length is upto 4.5 meters.

 .      Extrusion Screw Barrel
-Length of 5 meters.
-Uniformity of the products remains unchanged.


-Extrusion plants
-Injection molding machinery and plants
-Rubber molding machine
-Plastic extruder machine
-Plastic processing machine
-PVC pipe making plant and machinery

-Cable machineries

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